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Upcoming Events!

Every week I co-host a radio show called “Artists Helping Artists”. If you are an artist and would like to know more, visit the Artists Helping Artists Blog.

Join me in 2014 for One-Day Web Design Classes

I have worked with hundreds of artists to help them sell their art. I do believe the most important marketing tool every artist needs is a "store" to sell their art. For most of us, our store is our website.

Many artists have a great website but can't update it themselves. Others have a website that is very costly. And many artists don't know have a website at all.

If you would like to sell your art on your own website then I invite you to join me for a one day website building class. In seven hours you will build a website for your art business. You can also build one for your art club, a gallery or an art organization. It's up to you.

Follow this link to learn more about my web design classes.

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Come enjoy one of my Monday Open Studio sessions!

Open studio is a great chance for artists to get together, learn, have fun and paint! I started Open Studio in January 2013 because I love to paint with other artists.  The one open day studio is a lot like a one day workshop. The only requirement is to have fun!

Click here to see which of the 17 Monday Open Studio dates in 2014 work best for you. Space is limited to eight artists so be sure to book early.